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Boat Sailing

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Embark on a thrilling maritime adventure with Back in Time: Boat Sailing, based on Boat Sailing in Fair Weather or Foul by Captain A. J. Kenealy. With the expertise of a seasoned sailor and the passion of a lifelong lover of the sea, Captain Kenealy shares his wealth of knowledge about boats, their rigging, and the art of sailing.

From the early days as a bold skipper of a makeshift raft to mastering the intricacies of sailboats, Captain Kenealy’s journey unfolds within these pages. His experiences, ranging from fair weather cruises to navigating through turbulent seas, provide invaluable insights for both amateur boat enthusiasts and seasoned yachtsmen.

In this captivating guide, Captain Kenealy offers practical advice on boat handling, rigging, and equipment. His words are infused with the spirit of adventure, reminiscent of a time when sails billowed in the wind and the sea beckoned with limitless possibilities. Whether you’re a novice dreaming of your maiden voyage or a seasoned sailor seeking to enhance your skills, this book is your compass to navigating the waters confidently.

With heartfelt dedication, Captain Kenealy invites readers to share in his passion for the water. His eloquent prose captures the essence of sailing, making Back in Time: Boat Sailing not just a guidebook, but a captivating tale of seafaring magic. Dive in and let the wind carry you to a world where the sea meets the sky, and every voyage is a story waiting to be written.


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