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Even in these odd times…

When shorter attention spans, instant gratification, and AI have become the norm, the founders of Caret Publishing continue to brave the 21st century in the name of making one-of-a-kind books THAT SELL.

Armed with their combined wealth of over 20 years of business and publishing experience, coupled with a passion for doing things intentionally and independently, Caret finds its niche in niche non-fiction publications.

So whether you’re an investigative journalist, a leadership expert, rising podcaster, self-help guru, blazing tech-preneur, hobbyist extraordinaire, or just plain eccentric, as long as you have a unique perspective and willing audience, we’ll be keen to talk. We’ve dealt with both individuals and organisations looking to craft and immortalise their niche expertise and experiences. As long as you believe there are valuable lessons and realisations to be shared to the world, Caret Publishing is interested to hear from you.

Read our submission guidelines and send your manuscript or book proposal to acquisitions editor and co-founder France Pinzon, at [email protected].

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