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^ From untapped passions to unshakable obsessions

 Inspiring non-fiction books written by your favorite experts

^ We Peddle Weird Wisdoms

^ In a world saturated with mainstream media, we champion the beauty of niche non-fiction. In this age of information and innovation overload, we pledge to uphold niche non-fiction’s value, where the unpredictable becomes extraordinary. Join us in embracing the obscure, for every page turned is an adventure, and every sentence is an act of defiance against the mundane.

^ History’s Keepers

We preserve forgotten knowledge, safeguarding our cultural heritage within the pages of niche non-fiction.

^ Diversity’s Glory

We celebrate and foster empathy through the stories of the marginalised and the obscure.

^ Intellectual Spark

We commit to igniting curiosity, challenging conventional thinking, and fostering lifelong learning.

^ Catalog of curiosities

Here are some books that we love

^ ARE YOU AN AUTHOR? We accept submissions!


Caret Publishing believes it is high time more readers learn and be inspired by unique tales from the trailblazers, nonconformists, and game-changers of the ultra-niche industries and underrepresented parts world.

With a rich background in producing print and digital publications for over a decade, CARET—a small press for niche non-fiction—remains a witness to the power of long-reads. Of pages hitting the hundreds. Of real-life accounts making a lasting impact in people’s lives. There is a reason why books are still relevant today. Manuals, self-help books, and memoirs, in particular, remain growing genres of literature because of how real-life accounts are more relatable and influential to any curious consumer.


We don’t bite. Usually.


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